Why Writing Off Cold Calls Could Hurt Your Sales Numbers

Many marketing experts will tell you that at the start and end of a sales engagement, phone calls are almost always the best course of action. At the beginning of a relationship you want to make a connection and when you close a deal you want to cement the relationship. There are plenty of lead nurturing tactics to use in between – email, for example – but nothing will every replace the sound of a voice on the other end of a call.

Yes, Cold Calling Can Still Work in 2020
Despite the persistent myth that “cold calling is dead,” many sales teams still find the good old-fashioned cold call to be effective. In fact, salespeople cited phone calls as one of the most effective ways to reach prospects — second only to referrals.

Do Cold Calls Still Work? 33 Cold Calling Statistics
Reports of the death of cold calls have been greatly exaggerated. Cold calling statistics show that this practice plays a strategic role in the success of top-rated sales reps.

7 Warm Calling Tips Guaranteed to Get Your Prospects Talking
Although a warm call has several steps and requires more research than the average cold call, it’s likely to double or even triple your response rate. Your follow-up emails and calls are also more likely to inspire action on the part of qualified leads and current customers.

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