Why Trying to Avoid Gatekeepers isn’t the Best Tactic for Salespeople


Most salespeople will tell you that there is nothing worse than a gatekeeper. However, the truth is that gatekeepers can be a tremendous asset as long as you know how to get on their good side.

An article from Forbes, How Gatekeepers Can Be Your Greatest Access To Reach Executives, points out that gatekeepers are getting paid to make sure their bosses don’t waste time with unhelpful or obnoxious individuals. And that isn’t a bad thing.

Many salespeople have been taught to try to trick their way past a gatekeeper or use other equally unsound methods to get in touch with an executive. Instead, the best tactic is to concisely present to the gatekeeper the problem they intend to solve for the executive, briefly summarize the typical results, and inquire as to whether the solution would be of interest to their boss.

While gatekeepers often are seen as people who exist only to foil salespeople, that is not true. So treat gatekeepers with respect and chances are they will treat you the same way.


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