Why Follow-Up Calls are the Most Important Calls of All

Why Follow-Up Calls are the Most Important Calls of All

There is nothing better than finally getting an important prospect or high-level decision maker on the phone for the first time. Chances are you have rehearsed exactly what you will say in order to establish a strong rapport with this individual.

While the first conversation with a sales lead is always rewarding, in almost all cases, the most important call is yet to come. The follow-up call. Research shows that 80 percent of sales will require five or more follow-up calls before any deal is closed. Unfortunately, almost half of salespeople will give up long before this, leaving a lot of closed sales on the table.

In order to remain focused on follow-up calls long after the thrill of the first connection is gone, it is important to remember why these calls are so important.

1. Follow-up calls establish connections. Follow-up calls help a salesperson establish a rapport with a prospect that simply cannot be established after just one conversation. These types of calls show that a salesperson is committed to a prospect, not just out to make a quick buck.

2. Follow-up calls build trust. During your initial call with a prospect, you likely outlined why your product or service is the right choice. By reiterating and reinforcing these reasons over subsequent calls, a prospect comes to trust that your sales pitch is legitimate.

3. Follow-up calls help prevent problems down the road. When a prospect can tell you his or her reservations during follow-up calls, it reduces the chances of a snag coming up when the deal is ready to close. With the details worked out over time, the final sale will be much smoother.

4. Follow-up calls result in more sales down the road. Let’s face it, people prefer to work with individuals that they trust. When you have built a relationship through follow-up calls, prospects are relieved to have someone they can buy from without wondering if this person will fail to deliver on their promises or, worse yet, disappear when they need him or her.

5. Follow-up calls lead to more referrals. When a prospect becomes a customer, the relationship you have established will be the type that makes a customer feel comfortable referring others to you.

While the initial call is always important because it gets your foot in the door, follow-up calls are just as—if not more—important. After all, these are the calls that allow you to come inside and stay there!

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