Why Customer Surveys and Web Analytics Go Hand-in-Hand

customer survey

One of the best ways for companies to obtain customer data is through the use of customer surveys. Phone surveys, in particular, allow companies to glean information that is accurate, reliable and offers powerful insights into customer behavior.

There is nothing more valuable than hearing directly from your target audience what they consider their biggest pain points, their opinion on your competitors and why they choose one product or service over another.

In a quest to get information faster and faster, many companies are putting all their eggs in one basket. That basket is web analytics. However, while social media and website analytics are critical pieces of the data puzzle, it is essential to have more than just one source of data. Remember, while analytics allow you to know what your target audience is doing, it can’t tell you why they are doing it.

Surveys provide insights into the motivation of your customers and prospects and allow you to tailor questions in real time – which is why so many companies are going back to phone surveys to complement their data-driven methods. This marriage of data collection techniques leads to endless opportunities to know what your target audience is doing, when they are doing it and, most importantly, why. Without these insights your understanding of your customers and prospects will only scratch the surface.  

It is important to note that phone surveys are only as accurate as the sampling of respondents so it is imperative that you accurately identify your target audience. Further, conducting these types of surveys require a specific skillset and level of expertise that not everyone possesses. In light of this fact, companies will need to consider outsourcing. 

When choosing an outsourcing partner, it is critical that this partner can also present the results of the surveys they conduct in a clear and concise manner. This will allow companies to understand what the data collected means for their business and those findings can be passed on to sales and marketing teams that will use it to better do their jobs.

With technology moving faster than ever, companies want to get customer data as quickly as possible, too. However, it is always preferable to get as much quality data as possible even if it takes a little longer. Otherwise, that data will provide inaccurate or incomplete information that will do no good – and may even hurt – a company’s marketing and sales efforts.


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