Why an Accurate Definition of a Sales Qualified Lead is So Important

The definition of a sales qualified lead (SQL) is more important than most people – including those working in sales and marketing – may realize. Why? Because defining what constitutes a SQL goes a long way toward allowing for accurate sales forecasts.

An article from the Harvard Business Review, How to Make Your Sales Forecasts More Accurate, hammers home the need for a uniformed definition of an SQL within a company. A definition that is mutually agreed upon by a company’s sales and marketing teams. More from the article:

“For most companies, marketing’s compensation and incentives are based primarily on the sheer volume of leads passed to sales, irrespective of their quality or of whether the company makes or misses the bookings number.

“The problem is that when marketing’s compensation is based on raw leads that have not been fully vetted (perhaps the lead is interested but not in urgent need of the product), sales winds up chasing unqualified leads. … if the sales and marketing goals are identical and closely tied together, this is unlikely to happen.”

When there is a solid SQL definition, marketing departments are much more productive in generating SQLs that sales closes. This allows for better use of time and resources. Likewise, the sales department knows how much business is needed to close in order to make a particular number.

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