When it Comes to Lead Generation, Less is More

When it comes to leads, sometimes less really is more. Unfortunately, many marketers can’t wrap their minds around this fact.

These marketers furiously write content, stay hyper-active on social media and much more – all to end up with poor-quality leads. Remember, MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (sales qualified leads) can both convert into sales, but understanding which leads need to be nurtured and which are ready to buy is critical for sales conversions.

The Alphabet Soup of B2B Lead Qualification: Understanding MQLs, SALs and SQLs

Of all the leads in your sales funnel, only 3% are active buyers at any given time. Another 7% may be intending to buy shortly. The other 90% are either not yet ready to buy, do not have a need or are not interested in buying from you. But who falls into what category? Lead qualification can help you make that determination.

How MQL and SQL Can Enhance Your Customers’ Experiences

Generating leads is crucial for businesses, but not all leads are created equal. In fact, research shows that sales teams that receive higher quality leads have better conversion rates, but 61% of B2B marketers send all their leads to sales, even though only 27% are qualified.

How to Boost Leads and Create Brand Value

No matter how many leads you generate, fail to nurture them and they will quickly disappear.

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