The Importance of Marrying Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

While online marketing is all the rage today, more and more companies are moving toward a mix of online and offline marketing. While no marketer wants to be accused of not being up-to-date on the latest marketing strategies, savvy marketers know marketing isn’t an either/or approach. Rather, using both online and offline techniques is almost always the best way to go.

How to Integrate Offline Touchpoints to Boost Your Partner Program Performance

Online and offline touchpoints are different for every business but both are important. Tracking a customer’s online and offline journey goes a long way toward communicating effectively with customers and converting sales.

4 Essential Small Business Offline Marketing Strategies

Modern marketing focuses so much on the internet, many businesses fail to realize all that offline marketing still has to offer. This fact can be used to a business’s advantage since using creative offline techniques can allow a business to gain an edge over the competition.

How to Budget Online vs. Offline Marketing

If you are going to use online and offline marketing to promote your business, it can be difficult to determine how much to spend on each tactic. Finding the right balance may take some trial and error but it also will help you to tailor a strategy that works for your particular business.