“With the increasing workload we’ve been feeling, it’s extremely valuable to have TTS available to execute on various call lists (direct mail, webinars, trade shows, profiling, etc,) that our internal Lead Development teams are unable to get to. On top of being able to work on many different types of lists, TTS is always willing to adjust their current processes on the fly to accommodate any new requests we might have of them.

In addition to generating hundreds of qualified leads throughout the year, TTS also has provided us with valuable prospect profiles on lists that have enabled us to be far more effective in our internal database marketing programs.

While TTS has met our goals financially, I would say that I’ve been most pleased with the partnership we’ve made with them over the years We have thrown many different types of campaigns their way from various types of lists with different call requirements, to calling into new markets in different countries. We have used other telemarketing companies in other markets and TTS has been by far the best to work with, and the only partner we’ve continued-with.”

– Isaiah Walker
Marketing Manager – Vertical Marketing
Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc.

“I worked with TTS for one year in 2009. Tactical TeleSolutions’ production team guided us in development and refinement of outbound talking scripts for the staff of telemarketers used to discover decision makers for a hardware/software system for high throughput biomarker detection. When a target customer was identified, TTS automatically sent us alerts, which were passed to our field sales force for follow-up. I think the TTS campaigns proved that non-technical telemarketers can engage scientists. TTS has great people, many of whom have been there for years.”

– Libby Dodd
Independent Marketing Consultant

“I worked with the TTS team as an integrated part of our marketing programs. Our prospect universe is one that is not well covered by traditional marketing lists, requiring a great deal of research and cold calling. The team at TTS integrated as a seamless component in our sales process, cold calling and qualifying prospects and setting appointments so that we could optimize the time of our direct sales force on real selling opportunities. They were able to integrate with our CRM and Marketing automation tools as if they were marketing staff members.

We also used the TTS team to secure meetings and attendance at conferences and corporate events which increased the effectiveness of our campaigns. I appreciated the fact that there was always an open line of communication and transparency into TTS’s activities.”

 Bill Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer