TTS Survey Capabilities

TTS is renowned for doing outbound calling campaigns into larger enterprises and more challenging environments, often surveying key decision makers as part of a holistic lead qualification process.

As TTS has built a reputation on lead qualification, every outbound campaign employs tactics to navigate to the decision-maker, engage with their gatekeepers and the busy contacts themselves. TTS relies on the “Socratic method” of asking questions of the prospect as opposed to rattling off value propositions etc. This process is supported by a flexible database interface with conditional branching, fully customized fields, drop down menus and option buttons that support the caller in quantifying the conversation. TTS is expert in tabulating the data on the back end as well, as many clients ask for trend analysis, multi-datapoint comparisons and myriad forms of custom outputs.

High end lead qualification clients at TTS include companies like Adobe, BEA, Borland, Citrix, Juniper, LSI Logic, PGP, Sun, SunGard, WindRiver etc.

In addition to the more intensive “one to one high end lead qualification” via the phone, TTS often conducts more standard qualitative phone surveys on a grander scale, for companies like Nestle, GE, Kaiser, PacifiCare, Apple, Wells Fargo, Schwab, etc. These surveys have covered the spectrum from simple end user satisfaction surveys to directory data building to data gathering for more formalized analysis designed to drive real time marketing programs and customer qualification.

As a boutique operation, TTS has done many variations on the theme in over 25 years of business with an average of 20 to 25 unique clients per month.

Fundamentally, a survey is a joy for TTS agents who often have to survey a contact and escalate them to a full blown new business opportunity. The survey is often less challenging. TTS has been told by clients that typical phone based survey companies do not have agents anywhere near as skilled or who can manage higher end conversations.