Demo Scheduling

The majority of outbound B2B telemarketing campaigns at TTS involve demo scheduling. TTS contacts a likely prospect, qualifies them based on our client’s specific criteria, and we schedule a demo that typically involves a Client-side inside sales representative or a field sales team member to conduct the demo. In some cases TTS clients prefer to have the TTS agent conduct the demo, with the understanding that cold calling time will be reduced. TTS builds to suit.

Scheduling demos is a custom fit scenario for each client. TTS recommends having “office hours” for the sales team to have blocked out allowing for easy demoing schedules. TTS prefers to offer the prospects at least 2 alternate times to assure their participation. TTS will co-manage a sales team’s time via shared calendar, or via direct contact with client-side management, or the sales them themselves, using email, group calendars, or instant messaging.