Some Sense of Normalcy on the Horizon for B2B Lead Generation

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has turned the world of sales and marketing on its head. However, this doesn’t mean that it is no longer possible to generate B2B leads and convert sales – even during the current pandemic. The key is to meet prospects where they are right now.

An article from Entrepreneur, B2B Sales Strategies for the “New Normal” of COVID-19, states that while times are still difficult, many B2B buyers are re-emerging to do business. The article also offers suggestions on how companies can adapt their lead generation efforts in these unprecedented times. For example:

  1. Get proactive with customer outreach
  2. Have a solid, consistent process
  3. Revisit “cold” sales leads
  4. Adapt to a dynamic environment

In the world of B2B major account sales, some bit of normalcy seems to be returning. Companies, therefore, need to adapt their sales strategies accordingly. Need help with implementing these strategies? Give Tactical Telesolutions a call at (800) 700-7422 or visit us at