Sales Leads Often Go Cold from Lack of Follow Up

Sales Leads Often Go Cold from Lack of Follow Up

Too many sales leads hardly seems like a problem. In fact, most business owners would tell you that they would love to have this problem. The reality is, however, that many leads quickly go cold if there isn’t immediate follow-up and B2B companies are especially vulnerable.

How to Keep Warm Leads From Turning Cold

Master the practice of cultivating and nurturing warm leads in a timely fashion and you are likely to see more conversions. That’s because like most things in business (and in life), out of sight means out of mind.

The Hidden Power of Follow-up Calls

Many salespeople believe that a fresh contact has a greater chance at conversion than a “not now” answer. This is seldom the case, however. In fact, calling a prospect who said “not now” or even “no” is more than twice as likely to result in a scheduled meeting than a fresh prospect.

Follow-Up Marketing: How to Win More Sales with Less Effort

A study by the Association of Sales Executives found that more than 80 percent of sales happen after the fifth contact. Still think follow-up calls aren’t critical to your conversion rate?