Performance Metrics for Outbound Sales Calls

Performance metrics are critical to the success of marketing campaign. Outbound sales calls are no different. By measuring the performance of outbound efforts, companies can discover if a telemarketing campaign is successful or not.

So what are the most important metrics to gauge when it comes to determining the success of your outbound calling efforts? Read on to find out.

The first area a business must look at is the quality of their database. Data impacts every aspect of marketing. The right list will make success attainable. The wrong list means certain failure. When it comes to your list, you will need to look at its accuracy. Errors, duplicates and missing values need to be addressed. Segmentation fields and saturation rates also must be considered. Finally, are your telemarketing efforts providing you with new information? If not, you need to figure out why and make the necessary changes.

Call volume and activity also are critical to success. Of course, this goes far beyond counting calls and call length. Instead you need to focus on occupancy rates – how much time between calls – and calls per record. Since research shows that it takes approximately 18 calls to reach a B2B buyer, the call per record aspect is especially important in these cases.

It can take a lot of calls before a decision maker is reached. This means measuring things like the positive contact ratio and abandonment rate. You also need to look at the amount of times a conversation with a decision maker took place and how many times those conversations ended in a request for more information. If you are getting a high number of uninterested prospects you may be targeting the wrong audience.

The conversion rate is another importance performance metric. This metric will track how many decision makers qualified as a lead, the call-to-close ration and how many calls it took before a conversion.

Finally, the ROI from outbound calling must be considered. After all, if the money you are spending isn’t producing value, you need to change your tactics. When you outsource your telemarketing, ROI is much easier to measure than when it is done in-house. Of course, telemarketing ROI is always challenging in light of the fact that outbound calls are just one aspect of an entire marketing strategy. Attribution models do exist that help to make the ROI clearer, however.

There are a lot of other components you need to take into consideration when it comes to determining the success of your telemarketing efforts. These include things like scripts and agents making the calls. If these two components appear to be lacking as part of an in-house operation, outsourcing your telemarketing tasks may be the way to go.

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