Outsourcing Lead Generation Benefits Technology Companies in a Variety of Ways

outsourcing lead generation

A majority of technology companies report that lead generation is their most important marketing goal. While lead generation is critical to a company’s success, it is also difficult and time consuming.

As outsourcing is often the best option for companies struggling with lead generation, an internal struggle seems to remain between whether a company can do it in-house or trust someone else to handle it.

There are clear cut cases when outsourcing lead generation makes the most sense. It can be helpful when your company lacks the resources to staff a lead generation department. Outsourcing can be especially helpful when a majority of your lead generation focuses on cold calling and booking appointments.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation:

  1. Less time spent on prospecting, identifying quality leads and setting up appointments with salespeople
  2. A reduction in ramp time
  3. The achievement of a reasonable lead efficiency to make growth more attainable

It is important to remember that even if you decide to outsource lead generation, it will take time and effort by you and your lead generation partner. It will require a marriage of experience, knowledge and hard work by both organizations to develop an effective process. And the more time and effort you put into developing that process, the more you will get out of it in the long run.

To reap the most benefits from outsourcing, it is important that a company doesn’t just hand over control and hope for the best. Instead, the lead generation firm you partner with must be just that – a partner. Together, you will work to control the research, the testing of scripts, and troubleshooting when leads aren’t as high a quality as you would expect.

As a technology company, you may believe that you want a lead generation firm that works only in the field of technology but that is not the case. Yes, it is important that they have technology experience for obvious reasons. This experience will allow for a shortened ramp-up time and accelerated campaign deployment. There will be a reduction in product training time and costs. Your campaign messaging will improve, and you will have the ability to better navigate the decision-making process. However, you also want your provider to have fresh insights and solutions.  These qualities can only be gleaned from working with companies across a wide range of industries and verticals.

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