Five Tips for Meeting B2B Prospects Where They are Right Now

It has been several months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Today, businesses are slowly and steadily resuming operations to keep the economy going. One of the major questions currently on every B2B salesperson’s mind is, “Where can leads be found?”

If you are looking for some insight into how to respectfully jumpstart your sales, we have compiled some tips to help you navigate this new and often confusing landscape.

  • Tip #1: Be proactive. Don’t wait for new prospects to come to you, instead, reach out to them. This includes using all inbound and outbound channels available. While pursuing prospects, it is important that you carefully map out your approach so that you can track results and adjust as needed.
  • Tip #2: Consistency counts. The pandemic has made every market more competitive. Therefore, it is critical to revisit your sales process to see how it can be adjusted to meet the “new normal.” Most prospects are going to be ready to buy more quickly than before the pandemic hit so you may have to move them through the sales funnel faster.
  • Tip #3: Reconnect. If there are leads that you have not reached out to during the pandemic, now is the time. While they may not have been in a position to buy before, their situation is likely to have changed over the past few months. They also will appreciate the fact that you have not forgotten about them.
  • Tip #4: Boost your online presence. Many businesses are engaging with people strictly online. The days of walking into a business or meeting over lunch are gone for now and are unlikely to come back anytime soon. Therefore, social media, SEO, and other virtual engagements are going to be crucial. Most people are spending a tremendous amount of time online and if you aren’t there, they will find someone who is.
  • Tip #5: Pick up the phone. Customers, prospects (and everyone else) are feeling isolated these days. Never underestimate the power of a phone call to check in on customers, nurture a lead, or simply to introduce yourself.

As businesses slowly test the waters again, it is important that you are right there with them – every step of the way. Things may never be the same when it comes to B2B sales but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as successful as ever. The key is to let your customers and prospects know that wherever they are, you will be there for them.

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