Does Your Lead Generation Strategy Need to Shift Gears During the Pandemic?

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It is easy to see how COVID-19 has altered the marketing landscape. What is often harder to understand is why some B2B marketers have adapted more easily than others. The fact is the most successful companies are successful because they found ways to innovate.

An article on, How COVID Changed the Marketing Landscape, talks about the importance of trying out new marketing strategies and the necessity of shifting gears (sometimes radically) amid the current pandemic.

According to the article, “Businesses who hadn’t dabbled in newsjacking took to social media to hop on COVID-19 related hashtags. Smaller companies took to SEO to attract new consumers or alert their current customers that they were open online.”

In the end, the key to success comes down to creativity and flexibility. To put it another way, companies must be mindful of the fact that what worked in the past may no longer be relevant in these unprecedented times. 

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