Why TTS for Business to Business Telemarketing?

We are a privately-owned business to business telemarketing firm since 1991. We are an outsourced call center but are unique in our “boutique” approach. We conduct all business in the bay area.

  • Best in Class Agents with Years and Years of Experience (one-third of our agents have worked at Tactical TeleSolutions for more than 16 years)
  • Seasoned Management Team Providing Continuous Insights and Recommendations to Both Sales and Marketing.
  • We are not a “smile and dial” company.  We are compared to a seasoned inside sales team and have in-depth, complex conversations with your prospects.
  • Flexible:  we can ramp up and down to suit your needs.
  • List procurement through our internal database (at no charge) or with our trusted third-party list broker
  • Technology:  we are CRM agnostic as well as Salesforce experts.  We can also work directly in your Salesforce account
  • Fast Laboratory:  we test ideas, concepts, verticals and offers proving what works and doesn’t work quickly and efficiently
  • Quality leads that convert at a rate of 50 to 60 percent into Sales Qualified Leads
  • Strategic Advice and Guidance.  We are similar to a Marketing Agency and continuously provide suggestions regarding campaign design and execution
  • Transparency:  utilizing our 24/7 online reporting tool, you have access to our productivity, sales funnel, leads and our closed loop feedback tool
  • 26 years of experience and Best Practices.
  • We are less expensive than your internal team as we produce 2 to 3 times faster than they do