Why the Best Marketing Strategies Combine Elements of Inbound and Outbound

Why Customer Service Calls Can Make or Break a Business

It is a well-researched fact that the better a company’s customer service, the more attached its customers are to its brand, product or service. In other words, superior customer service equates to a loyal customer base.

In light of the fact that customer service is so important to the success of a business, it is vital that customer service calls be handled by professional customer service agents. These agents need to have the experience and know-how to not only resolve issues but to treat callers the way they wanted to be treated. These type of customer service professionals are uniquely qualified to create good feelings that encourage customers to remain loyal to a business and to spur them to be brand ambassadors who refer family and friends back to the business.

If you have decided to outsource your inbound call center services, it is imperative that you choose the right firm. So what do you need to look for in such a firm? One important consideration is whether or not the firm uses data mining. Data mining is critical to understanding which techniques work best in terms of customer satisfaction. For example, if a customer calls and is unhappy with a product or service, would they prefer a full refund? A discount on future purchases? Knowing these things helps a business offer the type of support that is most sought after by callers.

Data mining also can be used for connecting customers to the right type of customer service agent. Some customers relate better to no-nonsense agents who get the job done quickly and efficiently. Others prefer a warm approach that includes sympathetic listening. By analyzing recorded conversations with customers, it can be determined which type of agent a customer would prefer. This means that the next time that particular customer calls, he or she can be routed to a representative with the personality characteristics he or she prefers.

In the end, customer service calls matter much more than businesses may think. According to research, no matter how exceptional a brand’s products or services, nothing can overcome a poor customer experience. Attracting and retaining customers is an expensive proposition and it is a well-documented fact that retaining current customers is much less expensive than acquiring new ones. Therefore, it is critical to the success of any business that customer service is a top priority.

Why Building Your Own B2B Database Makes Good Business Sense

Why Building Your Own B2B Database Makes Good Business Sense

In order for B2B companies to stay competitive, they need data. Without data, companies will have a difficult time bringing current customers the products and services they need and want. They also will have a hard time converting prospects into customers.

While some businesses will buy data from third-party services, this can be expensive. Further, if you are able to purchase particular data, you can be sure that other companies are buying the same data. This makes that data less valuable because more people have access to it. Further, the businesses whose data is being sold may become weary of being contacted by multiple B2B companies.

In light of these facts, it make sense to build your own database. This can be down in a variety of ways. Here are three very effective ones:

  1. Telemarketing. Every time that a telemarketer makes a call, a capture system can be put in place to make sure that you gather pertinent information. This information includes things like promotions, new hires, resignations, changes in contact information, etc. Basically, anything that allows your company to better target a particular business can be gathered through telemarketing.
  2. Thought Leadership. When companies put out valuable content which includes a capture form, content can be exchanged for information about a business. Companies can then follow up with those businesses that meet the parameters of their target audience.
  3. Through a CRM. When you build a customer and prospect database within a customer relationship management system (CRM) you can refresh information in this CRM when necessary. This process can be done in-house or contracted out. When data is refreshed through a CRM, you will be able to build a specific database with information on a business, including who has moved up, on or out of that business.

B2B companies that use high-quality, targeted data are able to connect with more of the right-type of businesses and achieve a higher number of well-qualified leads. While this data may not be easy to come by, it is well worth the time and investment.

Likewise, purchasing poor data, or the wrong data, will mean failed marketing campaigns. It also will mean that companies will not be able to gain traction with customers or prospects. Finally, it can severely damage a company’s reputation in in the marketplace.