Six Ways to Use Inbound Calls to Drive Sales Conversions

Six Ways to Use Inbound Calls to Drive Sales Conversions

If you own a business, inbound calls are an invaluable resource. Not only do inbound calls have extremely high conversation rates, they provide critical customer information that you are unlikely to get anywhere else.

Many inbound calls originate when people visit your website and then call for more information or make a purchase. But how can you glean information from these calls that will help you drive even more sales? Here are six important ways:

  1. Classify the lead. Decide if the caller a qualified or unqualified lead. By doing so you will know how to nurture that lead.
  2. Refine your message. What promotions or projects led to the most sales? Use those promotions in the future to drive even more sales.
  3. Check the competition. Do callers mention a particular competitor or a competitor’s product? If so, you need to figure out how to set yourself apart from the competition.
  4. Talk the talk. Listen for how customers or prospects talk about a product or service they are looking for. Try to use that same type of language in future scripts.
  5. Compare scripts. Use scripts that emphasize different product points, discounts or other incentives. Determine which scripts led to more sales and use that script for future calls.
  6. Identify keywords. When people ask about a product or service they found on your website, what words on your website do they use? By tracking keywords you can discover which ones resonated the most with callers and incorporate these words into future marketing materials.

Sales from inbound calls are great but the information gleaned from these calls can be just as, if not more, important. Telemarketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum so by monitoring what happens on calls you can improve your online and offline marketing techniques, business development efforts and drive sales conversions, as well.

Making data-driven marketing decisions involves connecting the dots between all customer interactions. Rather than guessing why a customer called or decided to make a purchase, analyze the data from that call and find out for sure. Even better, you will be able to parlay calls into more leads and a higher number of sales conversions.