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Does Your Sales Team Need a Coach?

Thanks to COVID-19, most companies are struggling to reach their sales goals. That is why hiring a sales coach has never been more important than it is now. Hiring such a professional isn’t a sign of weakness, either. Instead, it is a sign that an organization is committed to making the tough decisions necessary to elevate its sales team and help them succeed during these unprecedented times.

Five Tips for Meeting B2B Prospects Where They are Right Now

Many marketing experts will tell you that at the start and end of a sales engagement, phone calls are almost always the best course of action. At the beginning of a relationship you want to make a connection and when you close a deal you want to cement the relationship. There are plenty of lead nurturing tactics to use in between – email, for example – but nothing will every replace the sound of a voice on the other end of a call.

How a Consultant Can Elevate Your Sales Team

Hiring a sales consultant for your company can make good financial sense and help elevate your sales. Such consultants can help implement a more effective sales strategy, strengthen morale and increase sales conversions. However, hiring the wrong sales consultant can actually do more harm than good.