Cold Calling vs. Cold Emailing

When it comes to connecting with prospects, most companies put all their eggs in one of two baskets – cold calling or cold emailing. The truth is, however, that the best way to begin engaging with prospects involves calling and emailing.

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Does Your Lead Generation Strategy Need to Shift Gears During the Pandemic?

It is easy to see how COVID-19 has altered the marketing landscape. What is often harder to understand is why some B2B marketers have adapted more easily than others. The fact is the most successful companies are successful because they found ways to innovate.

Lead Generation in the Time of COVID

Successful lead generation in the midst of a global pandemic presents unprecedented challenges. In order to rise to these challenges, marketers must be mindful of the fact that what worked in the past may no longer work due to a shift in buying behaviors and patterns. There are ways, however, to customize lead generation strategies in these uncertain times.


The Impact of the Coronavirus on Lead Generation

Lead generation is critical to the success of a business. Unfortunately, the current coronavirus pandemic is making the process more challenging. Knowing how to engage with leads when you aren’t sure about their current situation can be particularly daunting.