Tactical Telesolution’s Top 5 Most Viewed Articles of 2019

Here is a collection of TTS’s Top 5 most read articles for your reading pleasure.

#1 Appointment Setting Skills Take Time and Training to Perfect

It’s always good to be reminded that perfection takes time and attention.

“Despite continued advances in technology, engaging with prospects on a personal level will always be a critical function of effective appointment setting. However, this engagement needs to be highly-focused and strategic to be successful so proper training, or outsourcing, is critical. . .”

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#2 Can Attracting Too Many Leads Be a Bad Thing?

Most of us would say no, but, think about it. Is your business prepared, structurally for a huge influx of leads? 

“Attracting too many inbound leads through your website or other digital channels seems like the perfect problem for a company. Unfortunately, these leads can quickly dissipate if there is no one to follow up with them leads quickly and effectively. . .”

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#3 The Importance of Follow-Up Calls for B2B Sales Conversions

It seems obvious, but when time isn’t on your side or there are too many calls to make it can become near impossible.

“When it comes to the sales cycle, follow-up calls are one of the most important steps in this process. Unfortunately, they also can be one of the most challenging. . .”

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#4 Follow-Up Calls Critical Step in B2B Sales Conversions

Another article about the importance of follow-up calls? Yes, it’s that important!

“No one ever said follow-up calls were easy. They are, however, essential to sales conversions. Why? Because they weed out business-to-business prospects who are not interested in what you are selling. That leaves you with more time to spend on prospects who are likely to convert. . .”

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#5 Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant Makes Good Business Sense

Sure, Alexa and Siri are great, but nothing beats the real “virtual” thing.

“While the popularity of virtual assistants is skyrocketing, some business owners are not familiar with how virtual assistants work. A virtual assistant is someone who performs day-to-day tasks like data entry, replying to emails and even answering the phone from remote location. But the benefits of a virtual assistant go far beyond lightening the clerical load. Virtual assistants can do almost any task assigned, from creating PowerPoint presentations to booking travel. . .”

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We hoped you enjoyed our Top 5 most read articles of 2019!

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