Tactical TeleSolutions Case Study: Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc.

“With the increasing workload we’ve been feeling, it’s extremely valuable to have TTS available to execute on various call lists (direct mail, webinars, trade shows, profiling, etc,) that our internal Lead Development teams are unable to get to. On top of being able to work on many different types of lists, TTS is always willing to adjust their current processes on the fly to accommodate any new requests we might have of them.

In addition to generating hundreds of qualified leads throughout the year, TTS also has provided us with valuable prospect profiles on lists that have enabled us to be far more effective in our internal database marketing programs.

While TTS has met our goals financially, I would say that I’ve been most pleased with the partnership we’ve made with them over the years We have thrown many different types of campaigns their way from various types of lists with different call requirements, to calling into new markets in different countries. We have used other telemarketing companies in other markets and TTS has been by far the best to work with, and the only partner we’ve continued-with.”

- Isaiah Walker
Marketing Manager,
Vertical Marketing
Viewpoint Construction
Software, Inc.

Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. – Leading Finance and Operations software for construction contractors Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. boosts its marketing and sales team efficiency using Tactical TeleSolutions, Inc. lead generation/appointment setting, lead nurture, list append/cleaning and event registration services


Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. provides software solutions to manage areas of finance and operations for construction contractors in the United States and internationally. It offers general, heavy, and specialty contractor software solutions, which include accounting and human resources, project management and operations, as well as productivity and analysis modules. The company also provides managed software update/support, construction management software consulting, technical and training services. Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. was formerly known as Bidtek, Inc. and changed its name to Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. in May 2003. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Portland, Oregon. Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Coaxis, Inc


Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. came to TTS in the Spring of 2010 with a three-fold problem. They had acquired years of customer data which had never been updated; and was in need of cleaning and appending. In addition they needed a vendor that could generate qualified sales leads, and recruit attendees for their trade shows. Part of Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc’s vendor selection criteria required that the partner could be integrated as a seamless component in their sales and marketing process, as well as their CRM and Marketing automation tools.


TTS developed a customized strategy based on Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc’s unique needs, allowing it to execute on various call lists (direct mail, webinars, trade shows, profiling, etc,), that Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc’s internal Lead Development teams were unable to handle, on top of being able to work on many different types of lists. TTS employed its unique ability to adjust processes on the fly to accommodate Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc’s new requests; enabling immediate adjustment to Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc’s changing needs.


In addition to generating hundreds of qualified leads throughout the year, TTS also provided Viewpoint Construction Software, Inc. with valuable prospect profiles that have enabled them to be far more effective in their internal database marketing programs.


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