Tactical TeleSolutions Case Study: Fluidigm

“I worked with TTS for one year in 2009. Tactical TeleSolutions’ production team guided us in development and refinement of outbound talking scripts for the staff of telemarketers used to discover decision makers for a hardware/software system for high throughput biomarker detection.

When a target customer was identified, TTS automatically sent us alerts, which were passed to our field sales force for follow-up. I think the TTS campaigns proved that non-technical telemarketers can engage scientists. TTS has great people, many of whom have been there for years.”

- Libby Dodd
Independent Marketing Consultant

Fluidigm – Microfluidic systems for gene expression, genotyping & next-generation sequencingFluidigm boosts its marketing and sales team efficiency using Tactical TeleSolutions, Inc. lead generation/appointment setting, lead nurture and event registration services


A simple, yet efficient design is the hallmark of the NanoFlex™ valve. It consists of a membrane that deflects under pressure to pinch off the flow of fluids in a microchannel. The valve is made from two separate layers of elastomeric rubber that have been placed on a micro-machined mold. By bonding the layers together, the recesses form channels and chambers in a rubber chip.

BioMark™ HD System
The BioMark™ HD System is the newest real-time PCR system developed by Fluidigm. With enhanced productivity, increased reliability, and reduced instrument footprint, the BioMark HD System gives you everything the original BioMark delivered—and more. Numerous top-tier scientific journals present data from the Fluidigm BioMark HD System in which single-cell gene expression profiling uncovered biological phenomenon beyond the resolution of other technologies.


Fluidigm needed a partner with representatives who could absorb and speakintelligently to scientists, administrators and educators in English, French andGerman; about its very complex product offering i.e. the newest Microfluidicsystems for gene expression, single-cell gene expression, genotyping & next-generation sequencing. The vendor of choice would need to act as a
transparent representative for Fluidigm.


Tactical TeleSolutions, Inc. implemented lead generation and event registration programs calling into labs, research facilities and universities in both No. America and Europe. TTS was able to supply highly educated English, French and German speakers for those programs in order to generate qualified sales leads and recruit event attendees for scientific conferences.


The Tactical TeleSolutions, Inc. team secured sales leads and registrants at scientific conferences, increasing the effectiveness of Fluidigm’s sales and marketing campaigns. TTS’s ability to supply in-language speakers to its client provided Fluidigm with greater insight to its European marketplace.


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