Tactical TeleSolutions (TTS) expertise lends itself to high-end business to business appointment setting “inside sales”, lead generation, lead qualification, and market intelligence campaigns.

The highly trained and conversational demeanor of TTS agents lends itself well to navigating calls involving high-level decision makers. TTS specializes in appointment setting for both inside teams and field reps, often originating a qualified phone appointment time or face-to-face opportunity.

In addition, TTS agents have the finesse needed to execute outreach calling campaigns to existing customers, new prospects, and specialty markets. TTS currently supports campaigns to a wide range of medical establishments, physicians, and support (such as practice office managers) as well as health care consumers.

TTS agents are trained to utilize scripting aids to overcome objections, and answer technical questions intelligently. Agents are supported by on-screen applications where technical information is a click away. TTS agents are also trained to escalate all technical questions in a professional manner to further facilitate contact between technical or financial sales and support, and a prospect.

Project objectives vary, but TTS agents accumulate skills based on the echelon of the targets they call on a daily basis.

The key to good appointments is understanding and determining the call flow process and defining the best process to maintain service levels.

The TTS process includes as much direct communication as possible with Clients in the field. This is a structured process, ranging from formalized weekly conference calls, to one-on-one communication via IM, email, voicemail, or portal-based reporting and calendar solutions.

What happened to the lead?
Engaging the client side requires a closed-loop process including confirmation or follow-up calls to customers or client contacts.

Speaking with Accenture Client team to understand their specific service level requirements.

TTS Account Manager and Agents meet with reps on a regular basis to gain confidence and obtain buy-in.

Weekly project management conference calls occur to answer questions, review calls and process.

Lead Dissemination
TTS prides itself on being technologically current, and most of all, responsive. Virtually every lead setting campaign at TTS utilizes a unique, client driven lead grading and lead dissemination process.

For example, one TTS client may require leads to be parsed out to multiple field reps, and management reports to be delivered in a cluster to a sales manager. One TTS client may request an upload of sales leads into, while another may ask for faxes. Recently a TTS client asked for leads to be emailed to each sales rep in a VCF file format, and TTS designed an automated format to do so, completing the request within 2 hours of programming time.

For clients that need more of an SFA solution, TTS employs an in-house developed “Closed Loop” process. Proprietary web interfaces for field sales teams allow them to interact with TTS teams and databases as well. As TTS agents fill the sales funnel, field sales representatives can log in for full support in real-time.

The assigned Account Manager for this program will be available at all times to attend meetings and provide recommendations and suggestions. This program will be structured in accordance with Client’s communication guidelines, i.e., TTS will communicate campaign issues to appropriate contacts in a manner specified by the client. TTS’ only communication requirement is that a single point of contact be designated to which issues and questions may be addressed. Additionally, suggestions and recommendations will be provided giving the client the benefit of TTS’ extensive experience with lead generation programs in the business to business space. TTS strongly recommends weekly conference calls with the entire team on both client and vendor side.
TTS maintains offices for visiting clients and encourages visits.

Sales Leads Generation
TTS has proven to be a quick and measurable way to cover ground. Our strategies come from years of working with myriad clients, and our tactics serve the needs of both Sales and Marketing. Find out more about sales lead generation.

Lead Generation
Over 80% of all TTS projects (historically and currently) involve  strategic “lead generation” or escalation campaigns focusing on actionable sales sales opportunities, as well as market intelligence capture.

The remaining 20% of TTS projects have been oriented toward brand awareness survey work, customer care, market conditioning, and technical support.

Event Registration
Tactical TeleSolutions (TTS) is a San Francisco based firm that provides telemarketing and database support for event producers of all kinds.

Global companies such as Adobe, Apple, Intel and many more are finding TTS to be a rapid deployment solution. The TTS outsourcing model instantly provides our clients with strategy, staffing, management, infrastructure, depth of data, and speed to market.

Appointment Setting
TTS is expert in appointment setting, and an appointment is often the highest of goals in a hierarchy of company objectives that can be achieved in a campaign. TTS clients consider appointments to be both “face to face” and via the phone, with many preferring a well qualified phone appointment prior to traveling to a client site.


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TTS can get a new campaign started within 48 hours of final sign off on the script and the list.

TTS can add agents at any time, having ramped to 25 additional agents within as little as 5 business days.

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Sales Lead Generation

TTS has been doing successful higher end B2B sales lead generation and appointment setting for technology companies since 1991, and we have some metrics that are almost universal. Our strategies come from years of working with myriad clients, and our tactics serve the needs of both Sales and Marketing.

All about our Sales Lead Generation