Profile of Laura Hylton, Founder and CEO, Tactical Telesolutions

Call center and solutions provider. Provides marketing, sales and database services to companies worldwide. When other companies similar to mine were making a lot with consumer telemarketing, we stayed focused on high-end business-to-business telemarketing.

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Begin a campaign in less than 2 days

TTS can get a new campaign started within 48 hours of final sign off on the script and the list.

TTS can add agents at any time, having ramped to 25 additional agents within as little as 5 business days.

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Sales Lead Generation

TTS has been doing successful higher end B2B sales lead generation and appointment setting for technology companies since 1991, and we have some metrics that are almost universal. Our strategies come from years of working with myriad clients, and our tactics serve the needs of both Sales and Marketing.

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