List Provision

There are many benefits to having TTS do the list provisioning, and up to 1,000 records are included per 200 hours of calling contracted.

  1. Quick turnaround time- many clients have experienced having plans delayed as they wait for outside list brokers to deliver counts and transfer data. Poor list quality from outside sources abounds as well.
  2. Clients benefit from more intelligent and “campaign specific” database queries managed directly by their TTS Account Manager.
  3. No list size minimums – i.e. small queries can be tested before committing to a larger list.
  4. Queries can be saved and adjusted by specific variables. Thus, if a client wishes to test one industry vertical at a time, the campaign continues seamlessly.
  5. Licensed data is updated quarterly, and “data points” are culled from numerous industry specific databases with full contact information.
  6. Lists vary in price based on the number of “data points” required. For example, a client that wants to reach out to HR Directors at Fortune 1000 companies will require a list with a small number of data points. A client that wishes to reach out to VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Director of IT, at companies with 200+ employees within an specific operating environment would require numerous data points.
  7. Recommended campaign list size is 1,000 records to start any TTS test campaign. TTS will create a quote based on your criteria, based on as many specific criteria you can target: please include region, industry, any sub-category of industry (such as software vs. hardware companies) employee size, etc. For guidelines on what parameters exist, please refer to the links above.
  8. TTS has found our data to be very reliable, but all lists are a cold starting point for a direct marketing campaign, and TTS essentially refreshes each of those records a GREAT DEAL as agents make calls and capture your campaign specific data. This is one of the greatest values of a campaign with TTS-you walk away with a list, and many records defined as suspects and prospects, filling the funnel, and closer to a sale every step of the way.


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TTS can get a new campaign started within 48 hours of final sign off on the script and the list.

TTS can add agents at any time, having ramped to 25 additional agents within as little as 5 business days.

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Sales Lead Generation

TTS has been doing successful higher end B2B sales lead generation and appointment setting for technology companies since 1991, and we have some metrics that are almost universal. Our strategies come from years of working with myriad clients, and our tactics serve the needs of both Sales and Marketing.

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